Rise And Shine ! 8 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do In Bed!

 Energizing Yoga Moves You Can Do Without Getting Out Of Bed!   

"Imagine you could go about your everyday life with more clarity, steadiness, and equanimity – embodying a deeper sense of ease, spaciousness, balance and strength. A morning yoga practice helps give rise to, and potentiate, these qualities and effects.” – Manda Greenblatt
My husband really struggles with getting out of bed in the morning. Like a school boy no matter how many hours of sleep he gets he is one of the slowest risers I know, head under the covers, then under the pillow until he can finally, barely open his eyes! So in an effort to make the most of his extra minutes in bed and to help him wake and feel energized I designed several series like the one in the above article. Admittedly I LOVE going through the bed series with him, especially on a chilly or extra busy morning where we both hit the floor running. I also like to add some simple things like flexation and extension of the feet ( flexing and pointing) a little foot massage, rolling through the wrists with a little massage and rolling through the shoulders. Try it out and savor the extra minutes in bed with no guilt! Start your day off right with ease and self care instead of a fight with the covers! 

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