Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Yin Yoga Spring Detox 
I incorporated this series in my personal Yoga practice today and I am feeling so re-freshed, equally relaxed and energized! With the windows wide open, sunshine streaming in and the sweet smells of Spring filling the room it feels good to be in my body and good to be alive! After a cold winter, it is important to clear the weeds and work to nourish and cleanse the body. Yoga is a wonderful way to do just that!  I like to incorporate sessions out doors when possible, nothing better then contemplating our nature in nature and cleansing our bodies with our breath in fresh air! This sequence here is wonderful because it is so gentle, a great series for all levels. More advanced Yogi's may enjoy incorporating it in to a more vigorous Vinyasa practice by using it in/as a floor series moving tword Shavasana. As always feel free to ask questions about technique or benefits, and if this looks of interest to you but you aren't quite grasping it on your own, schedule with me and we will go through it and build on it together. 

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