The Mother/Queen of All Asanas To Help Combat Seasonal Allergies

With Mother's Day this month I thought focusing on Salamba Sarvāngāsana (Supported Shoulderstand) considered the mother or queen of all Yoga Asanas was appropriate. It is one of the five master poses with a multitude of benefits and is especially great this time of year to combat seasonal allergies by relaxing the throat and sinus passages and calming the nervous system. If that wasn't enough here are just a few more of the total body benefits you receive by incorporating this pose in to your regular practice.
-Regulates the hormone secretion of the thyroid and parathyroid glands in the neck
-Increases metabolism and normalizes digestion
-Tones the back, glutes, thighs and shoulders
Click the link for additional benefits and equally powerful poses to aid in Season Allergy Relief and over all well being. 
 Supported Shoulder Stand

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